Lighting for special events

Don’t underestimate the importance of adequate lighting for events. Providing depth, ambiance, and atmosphere sets the tone for your soiree while amping up safety measures that keep guests and staff safe.

From setting an emotional tone to an evening to highlighting key aspects of your presentation such as the stage, a slideshow, or a silent auction, the presence of beautiful, discreet lighting in pompano beach fl adds interest to any event. Rather than attempting to string up outdoor lights around the perimeter of your space with an abundance of extension cords, consider searching for an outdoor event lighting rental Pompano Beach FL, such as Ready Light, to bring new depth and elegance to your gathering. Professional lighting companies are familiar with local requirements around safe lighting practices. Whether you hire out the service or try it on your own, review these expert tips on keeping your area well-lit and your guests safe during an event.

1. Plan Ahead

As an event takes shape in your mind, consider how much you’ll be able to rely on natural light sources and what type of artificial lighting will need to be utilized. Lighting may be temporary or permanent, but you should always have a backup plan in case your original concept doesn’t deliver as expected. Always have additional lighting options for when an electrical or mechanical failure occurs.

2. Give Attention to High-Traffic Areas

High-traffic areas are places where many people will gather during your event. Bars, tables, buffets, and dance floors are places where people commonly congregate to socialize and enjoy good food and drink. These areas must be well-lit to avoid hazards and accidents. Electrical components and cords should be out of sight yet allow easy access if something needs a last-minute adjustment. Making sure guests can see and safely navigate these areas will add to their enjoyment of the event.

3. Choose Appropriate Wattage

An intimate evening wedding reception doesn’t need floodlights to illuminate what should be a muted, sophisticated atmosphere. Having a vision for the mood you wish to create will allow you to make a truly unique experience for each guest.

4. Ensure Ample Power Supply

Various lighting fixtures use between 2.1 to 8.3 amps, so ensuring that your venue has an adequate power supply to support your lighting requirements will be crucial to creating the look you want safely and efficiently. Having a backup generator to handle a possible power outage will save you potential embarrassment as you set up your illuminated wonderland.

5. Check To See if There Are Local Regulations for Lighting Events

While you’re in a safety mindset, it might be a good idea to check local regulations for laws related to providing lighting for events. Staying in compliance with any laws around event lighting will prevent costly fines.

Ready Light: Outdoor Event Lighting Rental Near Me

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