Lighting packages for wedding tents

Keeping with tradition, many people are planning a large wedding tent for their big day. These structures can be pretty big and offer a lot of space to move around. However, they can also get pretty dark if the lighting isn’t planned properly. There’s no need to feel sorry for the lighting, though, as there are ample ways to light up your large wedding tent.

Start with Ambient Light

The first thing to do is start with the ambient light. What kind of light do you want in the tent? Plenty of options are available if you want bright, white lights or dim, warm lighting. You can rent these types of lights through a wedding lighting rental company.

You will want to consider where you want your tent set up and how much ambient light you need. If you have a large tent, you might not need as much ambient lighting as if your tent was smaller.

If you are looking for more subtle lighting options in pompano beach fl, hire professional wedding lighting rental contractors. These professionals will know the exact lighting requirements so that everyone can see each other clearly without having shadows blocking their faces from view.

Think about How the Tent Will Look from the Outside

If you are going for a tent, it is essential to consider the look from the outside. This is because this will influence the way your guests will see your wedding. For example, some people may want to feel inside a castle or cave.

You can use different types of events lighting Pompano Beach FL to ensure that it looks good and brings out the best in your wedding tent. If you want to ensure that people notice your wedding tent, consider using low lighting. You can also use lighting for events that create a glow around the entire tent rather than just on one side of it.

Consider Using Bistro Lighting

Bistro lighting works well in tents because they’re usually smaller than traditional venues, and the room has fewer distractions. If your venue has a lot of windows, you’ll want to ensure that your lighting doesn’t draw attention away from those windows and onto your guests.

If you want to get bistro lighting for your wedding, consider using a wedding lighting Palm Beach FL rental company. They will have all the necessary equipment, including several types of light sources and dimmers, which are essential for creating the right atmosphere at your event.

Play with Bulbs and Bulb Shapes

Incorporating different bulb shapes into your lighting design will create an unexpected effect that will impress guests. Try using small round bulbs instead of traditional chandeliers or hanging lanterns for something more modern and stylish. You can also use multiple types of bulbs in one area to fulfill your lighting requirements if you want something more dramatic, like a multi-colored bouquet arrangement or even cascading candles.

Use Specialized Lighting for Specific Events Inside the Tent

Events like vows and cake cutting are often the most memorable part of a wedding. They’re also the easiest to photograph, so it’s important to have a well-lit space where these special moments can be captured.

To ensure that your tent looks its best during these moments, use specialty lighting specifically designed to work within tents. This will help you capture every detail with crisp, clean images that look amazing when displayed in print or online.

The lighting of an event significantly impacts the overall mood of the attendees. When it comes to large events such as weddings, you need to choose your lighting wisely. With the above tips, you can get started in selecting the best lights for your event. If you need help acquiring lighting, contact Ready Light in pompano beach fl today.

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